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What do YOU Want in a Realtor?

               So, what are you looking for in Realtor?  Obviously, there are hundreds of very good, honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable agents on the Monterey Peninsula.  If you are locals, you probably know ten to fifteen personally.  Clarifying in your mind what you are looking for in an agent will help you make the right choice and hopefully lead you to a pleasant and profitable transaction.

               I would never try to convince you I am the right agent for everyone.  I decided over 20 years ago to not try to push someone into being my client.  If you need to be pushed we are probably not the right fit.  I will not bombard a potential client with unnecessary phone calls and e-mails trying to sell myself to you.  Instead you will get information as needed, when needed and not a lot of time and energy wasting chit chat that you don't need in your life.

               So, what do you want in a Realtor?  We might be a good fit if you are looking for someone who provides the following:

1.  The ability to put YOUR NEEDS above anything else.  My job is to ensure you have the best service and that your needs and best interests are met.  Period.

2.  INTEGRITY, TRUST, SERVICE AND EXPERTISE.  Integrity, trust and service are not just catch phrases for me . . . they were something I grew up with and have carried forward in my life.  My reputation in the community in these areas is very strong, not only in my business dealings, but in my personal life and coaching career.  Expertise in our real estate market and the inner workings of making a transaction successful is something I have attained through over 25 years of hard work.

3.  DETAILED, ORGANIZED AND TIMELY.  My strong suit is organization, attention to detail and being on time, both with documents and for appointments.  Your time is important and I won't waste it.  The timeliness of your documents is imperative . . . I don't miss deadlines.

4.  EDUCATION.  For many of us, a real estate transaction is not only one of the most important and largest transactions you will ever make, but a confusing, and sometimes difficult one, which most people do not do very often.  I will help you understand not only the maze of paperwork, but also the financial realities of the market.  Decision making is your department . . . I will provide you with the information . . . but I'm not going to sell you on anything.  It is your call.

5.  EXPERT PRICING.  My reputation in our office and the real estate community is that my pricing is very good.  My method for both buyers and sellers is to look at a home through the eyes of a buyer, study the market, and then come up with a realistic sales price range.  For buyers, I will give you a range where the pricing make the most sense . . . if you go over that mark you are probably overpaying . . . and sometimes that's OK . . . but only if YOU want the house so much you will pay more than you should.  You will know the realistic value.  For sellers, we find that realistic price and then talk pricing strategy.  I will not "buy" a listing, by telling you an inflated sales price just to get the listing.  Not my style.  Choosing a listing agent should not be based on the price they come up with.  Willing buyers and sellers determine actual sales price, not listing agents.

6.  UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE.  Given that our local family ranges from "not quite born" to over 94 years old, I probably have a great personal understanding of your specific situation.  Buying your first home, moving up as your family grows, moving for better schools, downsizing as the kids move on, buying a vacation getaway, empty-nesting and selling your beloved family home to move into a care facility, are all situations I have personal and professional experience facilitating.  Chances are I'm going to really understand your situation, your emotions and your needs.    

7.  PATIENCE, UNDERSTANDING AND CALMNESS.  Real Estate transactions can be overwhelming on an emotional level.  Especially in our new environment where, among other things, getting that loan approved and funded can be gut-wrenching right down to the last day.  My clients know I am looking out for their best interests.  Staying patient and calm help enormously in getting your home deal closed successfully. 

8.  EXCELLENT WORKING RELATIONSHIPS with other Realtors.  The last thing you want is for a Realtor squabble to get in the way of your home sale or purchase.  I am very good at working with other Realtor's to help transactions go as smoothly as possible.

9.  AVAILABILITY.  I believe in teaming up with my clients to make their transaction go through as quickly and painlessly as possible.  I am available virtually any time between 7:00am and 10:00pm, seven days a week.  And, believe me, there are times in transactions where having an agent to talk with you at 10:00pm is crucial!

10.  Last, but certainly not least, is LISTENING TO YOU.  Your needs and interests are the most important part of any transaction.  You will tell me what you want and need and I will do my best to make it happen!